October 24, 2021

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What Are VA Extended Care Benefits 2019

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EXTENDED CARE is given to VETERANS AT HOME by your VA doctor and health care team provide services to Veterans.
What are VA Extended Care Benefits 2019 video asks these questions?
– What Are VA Extended Care Benefits?
– What Long Term Services Are Available?
– What Needs To Be Considered In Making A Decision
– What Questions Should I Ask To Make A Decision

Source: https://www.va.gov/GERIATRICS/docs/Home_Based_

Your VA doctor supervises a health care team that provides services to the Veteran. Home Based Primary Care is meant for Veterans who have very complex health care needs for whom routine clinic-based care is not practical.

This program is meant for Veterans who need skilled nursing services, case management, and help in doing those activities of daily living. Examples include assistance with bathing, getting the dressing, making meals, and taking medicines.

These extended care benefits are also meant for Veterans who are living alone, or the caregiver is experiencing personal difficulties. Home Based Primary Care can also be used in conjunction with other Home and Community-Based Services.

Eligibility For Extended Care Benefits
Since the Home Based Primary Care program is part of the VHA Standard Medical Benefits Package, all Veterans are enrolled are eligible IF they meet the clinical requirements for service, and it is available.

What is the Cost of Home Based Primary Care?
A copay for Home Based Primary Care can be charged based on your VA service-connected disability status and financial information.

You may have a primary copay after each VA staff member visits your home to provide medical services. (the same functions as if you went to a VA clinic).

You will need to contact a VA social worker/case manager to complete an Application for Extended Care Benefits (VA Form 10-10EC.) Also to learn the amount your copay requirements.

What Are Long Term Care Services Available?
Home Based Primary Care plan includes:

– Primary care visits in your home by a physician, nurse practitioner, or physician’s assistant.
— Care management through a nurse practitioner, physician’s assistant, or nurse.
— Coordination of your services by a social worker
— Therapy visits from a physical, occupational, or speech therapist
— Mental health services
— Nutrition counseling from a dietitian
— Help to manage your medicines

What Need to Be Considered in Making a Decision
I always recommend you get help from a veterans service officer (VSO) in competing for application for VETERANS ADMINISTRATION PROGRAMS.
I’m sure you will want the advice from close family members. The VA offers a SHARED DECISION-MAKING WORKSHEET (SDM) that will help you figure out the best long term care services or settings for you in the long term.

There’s also a Caregiver Self-Assessment CSA icon. It can help your caregiver identify their needs about how much care they can offer to the Veteran. After getting this information from your caregiver, along with the involvement of your care team and social worker, will help you reach the right long term care decisions.
What Questions Should I Ask To Make A Decision?
— How much help do I need for my daily activities (e.g., bathing and getting dressed)?
— What are the caregiver’s needs?
— How independent and privacy do I want?
— What sort of social contacts do I need?
— What is the cost I can afford each month?
— Does the VA provide Home Based Primary Care where I live?
You can also use the VA’s to help locate Home Based Primary Care Services where you live.

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