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Greetings this is Rich I post stuff here that I find interesting or important to USA Veterans  and plan on putting on one of my other websites at some time.

1, I received this email from the Veterans Affairs I thought I would share 🙂

Dear Vet,

Do you have a condition that was directly caused by or has gotten worse because of your service-connected condition? If so, you can file a secondary claim for disability compensation for that condition. If you’re planning to file a secondary claim, make sure you file it as a Decision Ready Claim (DRC). Filing as a DRC means you can get a decision on your claim in 30 days or less.

Work with an accredited Vet Service Organization (VSO) to determine if the DRC Program is right for you and your secondary claim. Your VSO can then help you gather and submit all relevant and required evidence so your claim is ready for us to make a decision when you submit it.

Don’t have a secondary condition? You can also file these other types of compensation claims through the DRC Program:

  • Direct Service Connection Claims
  • Presumptive Service Connection Claims
  • Increased Disability Claims
  • Dependency and Indemnity Compensation (for surviving spouses)

Learn more about the DRC Program, including eligibility requirements, what medical evidence you need to submit, and how to find an accredited VSO at

Thank you for your service!

USA Veterans Benefits Administration

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