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Veterans Tip of the Week – Hearing Aids from the VA

Tired of asking people to repeat themselves, or being asked to turn down the TV? Hearing loss is a common issue among older veterans. If you are a veteran, or you have a veteran in your life with hearing loss, and you think you need hearing aids, you can get them for free from the VA.

The hearing aid program is part of general VA medical so, you have to sign up for VA medical first, in order to get the hearing aids. If not already enrolled, here is how you sign up: If can be done online, via mail or in person at a VA facility.

If you are already enrolled, then you just need to schedule an audiology appointment as directed in paragraph 2 on the VA’s hearing aid page:, schedule a few appointments, go to those appointments, and if needed, you will be prescribed and provided with hearing aids.

Based on the direct experience of a local veteran I am working with in MA, apparently it is that simple. And remember, for older veterans, if you are a family member, friend or care-giver, you can help the veteran make these calls and appointments. Don’t let life’s little difficulties be a barrier here. If you need hearing aids, the VA wants to help you.

After enrollment, the actual medical services (hearing tests, fittings, etc.) are available in Massachusetts, at the VA’s Jamaica Plain, Brockton or West Roxbury facilities.; and the Manchester NH facility For VA medical service locations near you, I would start by looking here:

Side note, this is not a discussion of hearing loss as a service connected disability, that is an entirely separate process. Connect with me if you have questions on that side of this issue.

As always, please feel free to PM me if you have questions regarding you VA Benefits. If I don’t know the answer, we will find it together. #gogetrated

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