October 22, 2021

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VA Disability Claim Success Story

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Veterans Tip of the Week – A VA Disability Success Story

Several months ago, I met an older veteran from New Jersey visiting his son (also a veteran) here in Massachusetts – at one of the Veteran’s Coffee Socials I regularly attend. During the course of our sharing stories and the discussion of our service, it became apparent this older veteran was suffering from service connected medical issues. Together, we walked through the VA disability claims process and that was the last I heard.

I am happy to report that this veteran went home to New Jersey and connected with one of the many resources that are out there for veterans to submit a VA disability claim. The medical issues he had been dealing with and suffering through for decades were rated at 80%. He is now receiving the compensation he earned through his service, and deserves because of the negative impact that service has had on his life. He is retired now, and living on a fixed income. I am sure any additional income is a great help in his day to day life. It is never too late (or too early!) to file a claim.

VA Disability Compensation is not a hand out. It is tied directly to things that happened to you while in service through something called service connection. The VA raters are the ones who review, evaluate and decide if a veteran meets the criteria for service connection and compensation.

Every veteran should self-assess. If they feel the issues they are dealing with and that are negatively impacting their lives, were caused or made worse because of their military service, they earned the right to have the VA evaluate their claim for compensation.

It is never to late to submit a claim. I have covered the process to submit a claim in other videos, but here are a few resources to help you get started. Remember, you earned it so #gogetrated!


Filing VA Claims


Note: You are not bound to any one organization. If you don’t get the support you need or level of service you expect with one organization, don’t just give up and say, “the Heck with it, and &%$# the VA!” You can change and work with another organization, and get your claim submitted. The worst that can happen is that the VA decides you do not meet the criteria…which you can appeal. Submitting a strong claim is a subject in itself, and I have other videos on that. Make the VA say no! At least then you will know.

As always, please feel free to PM me if you have questions regarding you VA Benefits. If I don’t know the answer, we will find it together. #gogetrated

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