October 22, 2021

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VA Benefits During COVID-19 Response

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Veterans Advice Hub Resource Spotlight: VA Benefits During COVID-19 Response.

We are all impacted in numerous ways because of COVID-19. None more than our older Veterans. Below is a link to the VA’s consolidated resource page on how various programs, VA Medical, VA Disability, Post 9-11 GI Bill, and others, are impacted by the COVID-19 response.

Much of it is computer driven. If you have an older veteran in your life, they may need help with researching information, or filling out online forms. You are allowed to do that on their behalf, certainly the research. And, maybe you can leverage the technology to help them submit whatever they need online to the VA.

The site is: https://www.va.gov/coronavirus-veteran-frequently-asked-questions/

I would add a few other resources: Brighton Marne (https://www.brightonmarine.org/) for their vast Veterans Support Network, and,
Veterans Northeast Outreach Center (www.vneoc.org) with locations in MA and NH.

Don’t just assume things are tracking as usual. Everyone is affected by this, including essential workers. People are working from home, from remote locations, and may not have the same resources as if they were at their desk. So, check the references, follow the guidance and stay safe. #maskup!

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