September 24, 2021

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U.S. Army, U.S. Air Force, JGSDF members conduct ‘TC3’ medical training

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U.S. Army, U.S. Air Force, JGSDF members conduct ‘TC3’ medical training

Members of the Japan Ground Self-Defense Force recently worked together with Soldiers from U.S. Army Japan and a U.S. airman to conduct tactical combat casualty care training, or TC3, at Sagami General Depot, Japan.

The training was meant to enhance the Soldiers’ ability to efficiently provide medical care in a combat environment, and also to develop a better understanding among the U.S. Army, U.S. Air Force and the JGSDF on how each service provides medical care.

The JGSDF members are currently attending the 101st iteration of a 10-week bilateral cooperative work program class, or Co-Op for short, at Camp Zama, Japan.

Interview: SSG Douglas Pistner, Head Instructor/TC3 Coordinator, MEDDAC-Japan

The training consisted of three distinct phases: Care under fire, tactical field care, and tactical casualty evacuation care. The participants were tested, in realistic, simulated scenarios, on the skills and techniques they learned over four days of instruction.

Interview: 1LT Akihito Aikawa, Co-Op 101, JGSDF
It was great to be able to receive training from U.S. Army Soldiers who have actual combat experience. I will definitely bring this experience back with me and share it with my unit.

The most impressive moment was the Pressure Delivery Device training, in which they used a bottle to apply pressure to stop bleeding from the groin. It was my first time seeing that, so I was very impressed.

Interview: SGT Saya Miyahara, Co-Op 101, JGSDF
After participating in the TC3 training, I got a sense of how kind the U.S. Army Soldiers were. When I had a hard time understanding some of the medical terms in English, everyone in the class tried to explain it in an easier way. I was also impressed by the energy of the female Soldiers. They were very strong and I felt like I wanted to be like them in the future.

Nearly 20 U.S. Army, Air Force and JGSDF members participated in the training as a way to enhance U.S. – Japan bilateral relation and interoperability.

Interview: CPL Cecilia Alvarez, 311th MI Battalion

Interview: MSgt Christopher Hawley, 374th Communications Squadron, U.S. Air Force Japan

Interview: SSG Douglas Pistner, Head Instructor/TC3 Coordinator, MEDDAC-Japan

Film Credits: Video by Daisuke Sato
U.S. Army Garrison – Japan

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