U.S. Army community of excellence Fort Knox Newcomers Welcome Intro 2021

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Fort Knox Newcomers Video

Fort Knox Newcomers Video

Film Credits: Video by Patrick Hodges
Fort Knox

Welcome to Fort Knox , Kentucky , our nation’s gold standard Army home . I’m Major General John Evans , while command Sergeant Major Jeremiah Gone and I lead US Army Cadet Command were also very proud to be the Installations senior command team . Fort Knox is routinely recognized as an Army community of excellence . And for good reason . The Garrison team is comprised of dedicated professionals who remember why they’re here and who they’re here to serve . What’s more , they’re constantly working to improve and innovate for the benefit of all of us , be it mission readiness or quality of life . It’s why we have the best energy program in the Department of Defense , as well as a DFM WR program that receives the highest of marks for his child and youth programs , just to name a couple of examples . Something else that makes this post special is it’s across the board collaboration . It’s true that Fort Knox is perhaps more multi functional , multi command and senior level in its mission sets than just about any other post . However , we have a culture where we work as a team of teams in earnest to support a top notch experience for everyone serving and living here . It’s truly remarkable , and it’s a key ingredient to our collective success . Another key ingredient , though , is you be an active member of our community . Get involved , take advantage of what we have to offer . I promise you this approach will make your assignment here much more fulfilling and rewarding , and all the while it stands to enhance what’s already fantastic and vibrant community . Don’t hesitate to provide us feedback either . Please let us know what we’re doing well . Likewise , Provide constructive feedback if we have a potential opportunity for improvement . Doing so helps us see ourselves so we can continue to better serve you . The interactive customer evaluation tool , or ICE is the most appropriate and direct way to submit comments or questions . Just visit the Fort Knox home page and click on the Ice Link at the bottom . It’s that simple again . You’ve arrived at what is a special place . It’s a storied Army post that continues to lead the way in executing critical Army missions . Enjoy your time here , and with that I’ll turn it over to my battle buddy Command starting

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