TYT LIVE: MAGA Heads TURN AGAINST Trump & Lindsey Graham!

House Dems preparing for an impeachment vote by next week. Pelosi asks Joint Chiefs about preventing Trump from launching nukes. Pence is said to oppose invoking 25th Amendment to strip Trump of his duties. Justice Department says it won’t rule out investigating Trump’s role in inciting the attack on the Capitol. A Republican Senator who asked to remain anonymous said he and colleagues are looking back on how they maybe should’ve pushed back on Trump and his actions for the past 4 years. Ocasio-Cortez says Cruz and Hawley ‘Must resign—or be expelled from Senate. Coons calls on Cruz and Hawley to resign. Lindsey Graham swarmed by Trump supporters at the airport chanting ‘TRAITOR!’. The guy who posed at Pelosi’s desk has been arrested. Biden chooses Boston Mayor Walsh as Labor secretary. A cop with the DC police department says off-duty police officers and members of the military, who were among the rioters, flashed their badges and I.D. cards as they attempted to overrun the US Capitol. Lawmakers are calling for and firing leaders of the law enforcement that failed to protect them. McConnell fires the Senate Sergeant at Arms over the capitol invasion before Schumer can. This remarkable footage shows how close we came on Wednesday to a situation where lawmakers were taken hostage or worse by the Trump mob. U.S. Capitol police officer dies after engaging rioters. Capitol police officer died as a result of injuries he sustained while fighting Trump’s mob. The journey of Ashli Babbitt. Biden’s push for new stimulus checks runs into a roadblock from a key Democratic senator. The 22-year-old woman caught on camera allegedly physically attacking a 14-year-old Black teen and falsely accusing him of stealing her phone was arrested in California.

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