Toys fo Tots

Toys for Tots a program that has helped many families in need around the holidays in 1947 Marine Corps reservist major bill Hendrix started the program with his wife by hand making a Raggedy Ann doll. It was such a success the Marine Corps Reserve adopted the program the following year. Once the Marine Corps Reserve got a hold of it, it turned into a nationwide campaign at each Reserve Center.

Renowned success at the program resulted in Marine veteran Walt Disney creating the now famous logo. Many celebrities including John Wayne John Glenn and Clint Eastwood have endorsed the program over the years. By the time 1970 rolled around Toys for Tots collected and distributed nearly 6 million new and used toys per year. By 1980 the program was only accepting new toys. In 1990 Toys for Tots conducted a three-week promotion on television programs and raised nearly three million dollars. Toys for Tots history has more than 542 million toys have been distributed to more than 250 million children and continues to spread holiday cheer.

Video by Scott Howe

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