TDR Live: Tucker Carlson Plays “Where In The World Is Qanon?”

The Damage Report host John Iadarola is joined by TYT’s Jayar Jackson for another #JayarWednesday!

The Biden administration reopens a Texas detention facility. Sean Hannity criticizes public health spending. Tucker Carlson claims he can’t find any evidence of QAnon. Yet another gender reveal party turns deadly. Court documents show Neo-Nazi terrorists planned to establish a “white ethnostate” in Northern Michigan. New data reveals 6,500 migrant workers have died in Qatar. Conservation groups warn one-third of freshwater fish are at risk for extinction. Police in Karachi train an armed rollerblading unit.

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"Calling for any immigration or refugee policy at the U.S. border impacting unaccompanied minors to put the "child’s best interests" first and foremost, Amnesty International on Tuesday responded to the Biden administration’s reopening of a controversial detention center in Texas by warning against any return to the cruel and unacceptable conditions of the past.

Detaining young immigrants who enter the country without an adult guardian in facilities like the recently reopened one in Carrizo Springs "cannot become status quo for children," Denise Bell, Amnesty International USA’s researcher for refugee and migrant rights, said in a statement.

"The reality is that children who are alone need to be accommodated for their safety while the government identifies and reunites them with appropriate sponsors," said Bell. "We don’t want to endanger children.""

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