Taliban Mortar Explodes Inside US Combat Outpost In Afghanistan

February 2020 Update from Funker: If you’re looking for a veteran community to hang out with or ask Funker any questions, we stream Escape From Tarkov live Mon-Fri 1-6EST at https://FB.gg/FunkerGaming. After a few years of disabling Funker530 on YouTube due to community guideline strikes and threats of being shutdown, I have decided to re-activate this channel instead of leaving it dormant. New footage will be uploaded every Friday moving forward. Daily military news and combat footage can always be found at https://Funker530.com.
A Taliban mortar team accurately adjusts mortar fire onto a combined US-Macedonian combat outpost in Afghanistan back around 2010.

The first mortar round lands long and the second short. The cameraman doesn’t understand how mortar fire is adjusted using major corrections and begins trash talking the insurgents’ abilities. He’s quickly put in his place as the third round lands inside the perimeter near a column of vehicles.

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