Replay: TYT Live: Senators CAUGHT Lying About COVID Relief Checks

Senator Tom Cotton claims Democrats are giving prisoners relief checks – but fact-checkers show that prisoners also got relief checks from bills signed by Trump and voted for by Cotton. Plus, Ted Cruz falsely claims undocumented immigrants are getting $1,400 stimulus checks. A review of Capitol security recommends sweeping changes after the riot, and Kevin McCarthy accuses Nancy Pelosi of trying to turn the Capitol Building into a “fortress.” The entire staff of the Nevada Democratic Party quits after Democratic Socialists slate sweeps every seat. How Biden’s solidarity emboldened a liberal push for power in Alabama. Iowa Republicans passed a blatant voter suppression law while the national party is fighting H.R. 1. Meanwhile, Trump is pushing Republicans to kill H.R. 1 and Georgia Republicans pass the most restrictive voting laws since Jim Crow. Plus, Trump’s fundraising war against the Republican Party. A near mutiny at Teen Vogue over the new editor-in-chief Alexi McCammond. An Arizona State Rep says we didn’t need masks for AIDS, so we don’t need them now. Steven Crowder continues to embarrass himself. Rep. Gosar continues telling the country that he’s a white supremacist and proud of it, with a weird tweet.

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