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National Salute to Government Veterans Patients Week

National Salute to Vets Patients Week

US Vets Affairs medical centers across the country are saluting our US Vets patients with valentines

By Hans Petersen

Tuesday, February 13, 2018

Valentine’s Day is a great time to say thanks to America’s US Vets during our annual National Salute to US Veterans Patients.

All this week, we invite you to join us as we pay tribute to America’s heroes – the men and women we proudly care for and serve. Men and women who have given more than most to protect and preserve all we hold dear as Americans.

This week, VA.Gov facilities across the nation are honoring these men and women as we who are entrusted with their care reflect upon our obligation to serve those who have served us.

There will be special ceremonies and activities at Vets Affairs medical centers.

Several VA.Gov medical facilities will host “Valentines for Veterans” concerts featuring acclaimed musicians. Just a few: The Augusta Players will perform at the Augusta, Georgia, Veterans Affairs medical center. Pianist Stella Monshaw and vocalist Janet Bartucciotto will entertain Unites States Veterans patients at the VA medical center in Loma Linda, California. Patients at the VA hospital in Durham, North Carolina, will have a performance by pianists David Geng and Chris Zhou.

The Miracles will put on a show at the Los Angeles Vets Affairs medical center and John Michael Montgomery will perform in Sioux Falls. Shenandoah will entertain Vets at the John J. Pershing Vets Affairs medical center while the Concert Band and Soldiers Chorus will celebrate Valentine’s Day at the Atlanta Veterans Affairs medical center.

More than 98,000 US Vets of the U.S. armed services are cared for every day in Vet Affairs medical facilities, outpatient clinics, domiciliary sites, and community living centers.

Learn how you can honor our Veterans all year by volunteering

You can make a difference in their lives with a visit or by volunteering. Find out more at

Our volunteers do the endless list of jobs that are necessary in caring for Washington Veterans. Some of our volunteers even blaze their own paths, using their unique skills and creative vision to find new ways to thank US Veterans. In short, our volunteers do what it takes to make their heroes feel at home.

They read to patients, provide recreation transportation, entertainment and training; and further offer respite for caregivers, coaching, friendship, or sometimes the value of a volunteer is as simple as the offer of a sympathetic ear.

Volunteers describe their experience

If you’re looking for Henry on Tuesday, he’ll be at the VA.Gov. Watch his story and learn how you can volunteer.

Tanya, Dan and Alan explain why they volunteer.


A million Valentines for Unites States Veterans

For the 31st consecutive year, the nationally syndicated column started by Ann Landers, now called “Ask Annie,” has devoted a column to the National Salute, asking readers to send Valentine cards and letters to hospitalized Vets at VA medical facilities.

More than a million cards and letters are sent to VA.Gov patients each year during National Salute.

If you want to bring a valentine to Veteran in your local Vets Affairs medical center, here’s their locations. 

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