Mindfulness Seminar for Cancer Survivors

Mindfulness Seminar for Cancer Survivors. Presented by Hang Ruan, LICSW
Senior Social Worker, VISN 20 TelePain Program. This seminar discusses the importance of mindfulness meditation, what it means, and guides you through three meditative practices.

Video Chapters
00:00:03 Welcome and Overview
00:05:18 What is Mindfulness? Why Mindfulness?
00:11:54 How does Mindfulness Work?
00:16:36 Guided Mindfulness Meditation – Settling into the Moment
00:24:47 A Closer Look at Mindfulness
00:32:44 Guided Mindfulness Meditation – Breath Observation
00:40:03 Why Focus on Breath?
00:42:45 Guided Mindfulness Meditation – Breath Awareness
00:52:00 Developing a Routine Practice
00:56:28 Resources

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