Hurricane Hunters: Air Force Reserve

The Air Force Reserve Hurricane Hunters flew Hurricane Florence providing forecasters at the National Hurricane Center life-saving storm data. Flying in the heart of Mother’s Nature’s fury, the WC-130J Super Hercules and its Reserve Citizen Airmen aircrew collect atmospheric data and transmit via satellite to forecasters. The Air Force Reserve has the only operational weather reconnaissance squadron in the world, dating it’s history to 1943.
“You never know what the storm’s gonna do till you get there. Some flights are real bumpy and other flights, you’re in the middle of a hurricane and it’s as smooth as flying on a Delta line from Chicago to Atlanta. It just depends entirely on what the storms up to that day. (intense music). This job is rewarding on a yearly basis, in the sense that every year we go do exactly what we train for. In the first 12 plus years I was in, you know, you train for a job but if there’s no war you don’t fight. Every year we go do what we train for. So, we get to see the results and impact that we have on, not only the United States, but other countries we help throughout Central and South America, the Caribbean, all those areas that we get this data to. Gives them that much more of a chance to stay ahead of the storm and have that many more people live.”

U.S. Air Force video by Technical Sgt. Chris Hibben

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