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Greetings Everyone

This is Rich owner of US Veterans.

I am trying to create a Vet Social site fro Vets. I till have a ways to go before  I open it up for public sign up, but I just wanted to get it out there so any one interested might keep a eye on it for when I do open it up. You can do several things on the site to be notified when its open.

Next: I keep up with supporting Vets in many different ways and I wanted to share this one with you from, They have been around a long time and I fully trust them and have seen change happen through them. Here is a email I received that I would like to share with you. If you would like to sign the petition click on any of the active links as you read about this issue.

Thanks Rich

Hi Richard — As a Vet, I know military service doesn’t end when you take off the uniform. Veteran carry the weight of defending our freedoms with them for a lifetime. Veterans Day is a moment to reflect on and honor those sacrifices. Dave Kelly is a quadruple amputee and a Veterans. But because he lost both his arms and legs before September 11, 2001, the VA’s Program of Comprehensive Assistance for Family Caregivers doesn’t extend caregiver benefits to families like his.

Dave has started a petition to change this for his family and the tens of thousands of families falling through the cracks.

Veteran who were disabled before September 11, 2001 must choose between a nursing home or paying out of pocket if they want to be cared for by family at home. A nursing home can cost up to $400,000 a year compared to the benefit allowance of $40,000 for caregivers. Dave relies on his wife Yvonne to help him to get dressed, eat, bathe, and put on his prosthetics. Without Yvonne’s love and devotion, Dave would not have been able to start a career in IT and build a fulfilling life. But despite Yvonne’s essential role as his caregiver, current law makes her ineligible for caregiver benefits.

There is no better day than Vet Day to lend your voice to support the issues impacting our nation’s heroes. Take a moment to consider Dave and Yvonne’s campaign — if you support their efforts, use this Veterans Day to join them in taking action on behalf of disabled Veterans by signing and sharing their petition.

On behalf of Veteran everywhere, thank you for your support. As a team member, thank you for being a part of a community that allows Vets the voice they deserve. Jason Barnaby Campaigns Team


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