October 22, 2021

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Glen Knoll WWII US Coast Guard Veteran | Veteran Story

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WWII Coast Guard Veteran
Glen Knoll is one of many veterans that knows HOW TO GET VETERANS BENEFITS. Glenn served in the US Coast Guard during WWII. Glen shares his VETERANS EXPERIENCE.

Glen is receiving the Veterans benefits. Glen resides at Madison Meadows Retirement Community in Phoenix AZ. During the war, The Coast Guard became a part of the Navy during WWII.

Glen’s family hales from Millburrow South Dakota. Later he moved to Marshall Iowa and got married and became a farmer. Glen Joined the Coast Guard in 1942.

Coast Guard Most memorable experience was when the liberty ship was bringing troops home from Europe they were caught in a severe storm with huge waves. Glen also served in the Pacific during WW2.

Glen has received some VA veterans benefits. Currently, he makes visits to the Phoenix VA hospital here in Phoenix AZ. Glen gets assistance with his hearing aids and vision.

Glen just recently moved from Fayetteville AK where he used the Fayetteville VA hospital.

Veterans and Activities

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Veterans In The News

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