Empowering Veterans Through Employment

When Veteran Guillermo Clara was experiencing troubling mental health issues after returning from deployment, he reached out to the VA for help. There, he was directed to the addicted behavior clinic. During his treatment, he was finally able to gain clarity surrounding the underlying causes of his mental health difficulties.

For the first time in years, he was ready to start setting goals for his future. When he was ready to begin working, the VHA’s compensated work therapy supported employment program gave the head start he needed.

The program provides a starting point for vets who are still in recovery, giving them a chance to gain paid, hands-on work experience using the skills they already have. The social workers there help those with even the most severe mental illnesses and disabilities to find competitive, fulfilling employment.

Keep watching to hear the rest of Guillermo’s touching story and learn more about how the VHA is helping vets on their path to success.

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