October 19, 2021

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Dugway Proving Ground

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Dugway Proving Ground, Utah is our nation’s premiere testing ground for chemical, biological, radiological, and explosives hazards. As the nation’s designated major range and test facility base for chemical and biological defense, Dugway Proving Ground provides a unique and effective area for chemical and biological defense testing and structure for encountering weapons of mass destruction.

Dugway’s planning effort is mission focused on providing the war-fighter cutting edge testing and evaluation and superior training opportunities that are threat based to counter current and future threats based on adaptive and expert workforce and holistic, emphasizing mission and mission support initiatives.

Dugway Proving Ground was established in 1942 to increase military knowledge of chemical and biological warfare. It’s unique location ensure that it is virtually free from encroachment, acoustically and electronically silent, light pollution free, and surrounded on three sides by more than 200,000 acres of desert terrain on 59,000 acres of mountain ranges. Dugway is located 78 miles from Salt Lake City and partners with Hill Air Force Base as part of the Utah Test and Training Range. Together, they share 16,000 plus miles of total airspace, with 10,000 miles of that being restricted for military use. Included is Michael Army Airfield that has an 11,000 foot runway capable of accommodating any aircraft from the military inventory.
Dugway Proving Ground’s unique facilities, skilled professionals, and legacy of test and evaluation services supports nearly 2,500 jobs daily and provides approximately 225 million dollars annually in gross domestic product for Utah. The diverse and professional workforce is composed of military, Department of the Army civilians, and contract personnel.
Dugway’s West Desert Test Center, a subordinate organization of Army Test and Evaluation Command provides the mission testing and training capabilities that span a variety of chemical and biological defense disciplines with state of the art facilities and test areas including: Mustang Village, Michael Army Airfield, Material Test Facility, Combine Chemical Test Facility, Joint Ambient Breeze Tunnel, and test grids, just to name a few.

Dugway Proving Ground provides expertise and realistic operational environments to evaluate procedures and equipment to address the full range of countering weapons of mass destruction. Dugway increases war-fighter readiness, respond to domestic and in the air terrorist attacks by focusing on chemical and biological detection, signature recognition, and sampling.

Mission support functions are provided by the US Army Garrison, a subordinate organization of Installation Management Command and includes support for installation facilities and infrastructure, on post housing, Army community service and child and youth services, recreational activities and other quality of life actions, impacting the moral and well-being of Dugway’s workforce and residents.

Multiple tenant organizations support the Dugway mission and the employees that work here in an effort to maintain readiness support for the war-fighter. Two of note are the Rapid Integration Acceptance Center and the Bio-testing Division. The Rapid Integration Acceptance Center provides rapid support as a one stop shop for testing, training, improvement, integration, interoperability validation, and new technology development of unmanned aircraft systems. The Edgewood Chemical Biological Center’s Bio-testing Division provides innovative and comprehensive biological defense testing and evaluation using aerosol chambers and laboratories equipped with state of the art instrumentation and safety controls.

Dugway Proving Ground remains the Army’s premier chemical and biological defense testing and training base in support of the war-fighter well into the next decade with world-class training and testing ranges, an expert and agile work-force, and quality of life initiatives that support the Department of Defense mission. Dugway Proving Ground: Empowering the Nation’s Defenders.

Read more on DPG: https://militarybase.net/dugway-proving-ground/

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U.S. Army Dugway Proving Ground

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