Candace Owens Suffers SERIOUS Memory Loss On Fox News

Candace Owens’ memory escapes her on Fox News with Laura Ingraham. John Iadarola and Brett Erlich break it down on The Damage Report.

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"Conservative activist Candace Owens attempted an on-air rebranding of the deranged, anti-Semitic pro-Trump conspiracy theory that fueled the Capitol insurrection, now trying to claim that “Qanon has transformed into BlueAnon.”

Owens’ contorted argument came during a Thursday night appearance on Fox’s Ingraham Angle, on the same day when some QAnon supporters had bizarrely touted that Donald Trump would be re-inagurated as 19th president as part of the eliminationist ideology’s morphing myths to explain away the fact Joe Biden is president

Ingraham started off by claiming that this political “moment” was about “making conservatives think twice about attending a march or a rally or pretty much anything that relates to an issue that they care about if it involves a group of like-minded individuals.”"

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