Borne the Battle Ep. 247: Veterans Nate McDonald and Cindy McNally, Irreverent Warriors

Veterans Cindy McNally and Nate McDonald, the president and vice president of Irreverent Warriors. One of the greatest contributors to Veteran suicide is isolation, something that Irreverent Warriors seeks to combat by bringing Veterans together. Camaraderie is vital to soldiers during their service, and Irreverent Warriors aims to build it in the Veteran community. McNally and McDonald discuss how they found and joined the organization, gained their leadership roles, ways in which VA can help to combat Veteran suicide, and the stunning impact of Irreverent Warriors on Veterans across the nation.
0:00 – Intro
3:36 – Dealing with the Aftermath of Suicide
7:00 – McDonald’s Military Backstory
16:52 – Finding Your Way to Irreverent Warriors
23:47 – Mission of Irreverent Warriors
38:30 – As Real As It Gets
39:30 – Setting Up a Hike
45:08 – How to Find a Hike
1:00:14 – A Safe Place for Veterans/On Duty/Reserves
1:04:30 – It Can Be Intimidating But Not for Long

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