September 24, 2021

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Borne the Battle Ep. 245: Air Force Veteran Josh Seefried, DADT Repeal Advocate

2 min read

Air Force Veteran Josh Seefried is gay and joined the military under Don’t Ask Don’t Tell. He was blackmailed, outed and became a victim of discrimination. Yet his superiors treated him as a problem. Having had enough, he decided to make a difference.
0:00 Intro
4:28 Being a Gay Man at the Air Force Academy During Don’t Ask Don’t Tell
6:10 Building a Community; Living Two Lives
7:26 Blackmail: Sexual Favors for Grades
8:26 Being Outed
9:32 Fed Up with the System: Time to Organize
10:09 Bringing Gay People Together Using Social Media
13:54 Taking the Fight to National News
17:00 Repealing Don’t Ask Don’t Tell
19:15 Time to Come Out
22:36 Giving the Next Generation a Sigh of Relief
26:13 Deciding to Leave Active Duty
30:09 Coming Back to Government
31:46 Serving Strategic Communications for VA IT
33:36 Concluding Remarks

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