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The United State’s military has had a strong presence in video games since the dawn of the media. Experiences and genres from primitive arcade shooters to real-time strategy, first-person shooters, side-scrollers and the occasional beat ’em ups. Today the army is using commercial gaming tech in training. Soldiers run through team fighting scenarios within tailor made battle environments where their trigger fast decision making is put to the test. But training is not where the connection ends. If you’ve ever served, you can attest to the popularity of video games in the military. Whether you’ve been on base state-side, or sweating it out in Iraq, it was rare to see a barracks without a gaming console and three or four people huddled around with controllers in hand.

The stresses of being a solider are real, so duking it out with your battle buddy in a digital world can relieve some of that pressure. For some, it’s more than just stress relief, they’re fueled by the thrill of competition. That’s where competitive gaming, or Esports comes into the equation.

It sounds too good to be true, but yes, the army has created an Esports team and is actively looking for soldiers to wear the black and gold as competitive gamers. Tryouts for the team are held this year and members of the team will specialize in certain games, either as individual players or part of multiplayer squads; giving soldiers an opportunity to showcase their digital talents. This was shock to a lot of soldiers, some didn’t even think the opportunity was real.

These soldiers will have to livestream their game sessions online, creating content that connects to the American population and the gaming community. Showcasing what these elite gamers are doing on a daily basis. – The army Esports program is engaging with the younger generation, and I feel this opportunity is important to help build the army of tomorrow.

The U.S. Army is modernizing its recruiting efforts and seeking new ways to reach individuals who meet the qualifications necessary to serve. The gaming industry has grown exponentially in recent years. Engaging in social communities built for gamers allows Soldiers to be more relatable and educate young people about who they are and what they do in an authentic way.

If you’re interested in training to join the team download the Army Esports discord:

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