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Rich Leonard

My name is Rich I am known around here as Rich or Admin. I am also a Veteran.  I own this Veterans website and am going to try (at some point) creating a social website for Vets to gather, help and socialize with each other.
This site is basically news about and for Vet. I try to keep this site updated with new across all Washington and military websites! Now you only have to come to one place to find news and information for Vet.

I own another sites for USA Veterans, information that are distributed through video post. You can go to I also own

I would like to start a social site for Government, a place where Unites States Veterans can communicate and help each other. Unfortunately at this time it too much for me I am the only one working and managing all m sites and a social site would take a lot of time to maintain, secure and update.


I have over 100  websites and domain names! You can see some of that info here: there is a list of all the domains names I am selling and links to most of the ones I have websites on.

If you want to check out one of my personnel websites go to: https//  kind of in shambles like all my other sites but check it out if your bored 🙂

The only ones not listed on Matrix Domains are I am into trying to create the ultimate News sites!

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