Episode 4: Building Bonds

"Put the gun down. Put the bottle down. Realize that there is a whole group of people that are going through the same things." We are wrapping up our Veterans Coming Home: Finding #WhatWorks series by discussing the importance of community. Whether it’s through on-campus organizations, in a church, or through organized activities, building new […]

Episode 3: A Second Career

Patriotism is not a business strategy, but it does make good business sense to hire veterans. Veterans are skilled assets and leaders within their communities. In honor of Veterans Day 2018, let’s discuss why hiring veterans is "what works." Watch. Share. Discuss #WhatWorks at Veterans Coming Home: www.facebook.com/vetscominghome www.veteranscominghome.org www.twitter.com/vetscominghome Veterans Coming Home is a […]

Episode 2: Living On Purpose

How do you go from defending the country to everyday civilian life? Transitioning from military service to civilian life can lead to a loss of identity and purpose. These veterans share how regaining your sense of self and finding an outlet can be transformative. Watch. Share. Discuss #WhatWorks at Veterans Coming Home: www.facebook.com/vetscominghome www.veteranscominghome.org www.twitter.com/vetscominghome […]

Episode 1: (In)visible Wounds

"The people who help the most often hide the most…" Prioritizing your health is difficult for many veterans transitioning from military service to civilian life. These veterans share how they were able to recognize their wounds and seek out spaces for support. We want to know – What has helped you heal? Watch. Share. Discuss […]

TRAILER: Finding What Works for Veterans

www.facebook.com/vetscominghome Too often, stories of veterans focus on what happens when things go wrong. But America’s veterans are excelling as entrepreneurs and in higher education, continuing to serve in their communities, and acting as leaders when they return home. So Kindling Group, Wisconsin Public Television, and the Corporation for Public Broadcasting have set out to […]

Tell us what you think: How can civilians be of service to veterans coming home?

Go to http://www.veteranscominghome.org/share to let us know what you think civilians can do to support veterans. Army veteran and farmer Steve Acheson recently talked to Veterans Coming Home about his experience being deployed and returning home. He believes civilians want to support veterans but don’t know how. What do you think? Let us know. Veterans […]

Are veterans better citizens than civilians?

Go to http://www.veteranscominghome.org/yourvoice/ to tell us if you think veterans are better citizens than civilians. Army veteran and filmmaker Garrett Combs spoke with the Veterans Coming Home team about some of the differences between veterans and civilians. What do you think? Are veterans better citizens because they served? Veterans Coming Home explores America’s military-civilian divide […]

Tell us what you think: What’s the biggest difference between the civilian and military worlds?

Go to http://www.veteranscominghome.org/yourstory to tell what the biggest difference is between the military and civilian worlds. Army Staff Sgt. Elizabeth Hash talked with Veterans Coming Home about her post-military future and concerns about whether she could make it in the civilian world. We want to hear from you: What’s the biggest difference between the military […]