Navy Swarm Los Angeles 2020 FitExpo

January 25, 2020 – Visitors attending the U.S. Navy Swarm Los Angeles 2020 FitExpo at the Los Angeles Convention Center interact with recruiters including some testing themselves on chin-up bars. A Swarm event is a large-scale recruiting effort run by the nation’s top Navy recruiters to saturate a specified market with Navy outreach, information and […]

Episode 194: The End of WWII

President Truman put out an announcement that the United States had officially received the unconditional surrender of Japan. As many people throughout the world celebrated that WWII was over, the Japanese Emperor spoke out for the first time about their tragic loss. Learn more about the American Veterans Center: Support our mission: Like […]

Episode 193: The Final Doom of Japan

By the beginning of August The Big Three had settled on what would happen to Japan if they did not head President Trumans warning and surrender. After the Japanese did not stand down, two atomic bombs were dropped killing a devastating number of Japanese people. Learn more about the American Veterans Center: Support our […]

Episode 192: General Douglas MacArthur

At this point in time General Douglas MacArthur was steal leading U.S. forces against the Japanese empire. He was successful in his advances and was able to establish territory several miles long on a beach head. Learn more about the American Veterans Center: Support our mission: Like us on Facebook: Follow us […]

Episode 190: The Oil Campaign

In mid July, 1945 people in America weren’t worried about the usage of fuel because it wasn’t affecting them directly. The Deputy Solid Fuel Administrator for War, C.J. Potter wanted people to realize the affect that fuel consumption had on the military at the time so he put out a broadcast. Learn more about the […]

Episode 186: Honoring Eisenhower

After finishing his service as a Supreme Commander in World War II, Dwight D. Eisenhower was given many notable awards and was greeted by millions of people who wanted to show their gratitude for his service. In London millions of people gathered to listen to his address to Parliament and watch as he was granted […]

Episode 185: The Victory Parade

During June of 1945, U.S. forces were still out fighting Japan but many people on the home front were celebrating the victory over Germany. Millions of people gathered in Southern California to watch the victory parade that was held to honor Generals George S. Patton and James Doolittle. After the parade General Patton when on […]

Episode 184: Operation Pluto

Operation Pluto was an abbreviation for "Pipeline Under-water Transport of Oil". The pipe which laid under the English Channel was constructed by British engineers to be used as an asset during World War II. The pipelines were meant to deliver a substantial amount of fuel to Europe, specifically during the allied invasion of Normandy. Learn […]