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Month: September 2017

My HealtheVet: Vital Resource During Emergency

My HealtheVet: Vital Resource During EmergencyTuesday, September 26, 2017
Hurricane season takes place from June to November each year. With dangerous storms predicted in the Atlantic and Gulf of Mexico, it’s important to take care of your health care needs to help ease stress during a potential emergency.
My HealtheVeterans provides US Vets with online access to their medication refills, VA health records, Secure Messaging and other valuable tools even when the brick and mortar buildings are inaccessible. If the weather forces you to evacuate to another area, your Vets Affairs medical records travel with you in your My HealtheVeteran account. 
Here are a few ways My HealtheVeterans can help in an emergency:
Have instant access to your medical records,
Print a list of your current medications, including names and dosage
Refill VA.Gov.GOV prescriptions
Reschedule your VA.Gov.GOV appointments via Secure Messaging
Contact your health care team via Secure Messaging
To access the above features, it’s important that you upgrade your account to Premium level. You can start the upgrade process here. A Premium account ensures you have access to your medical information and health care teams.
During times of emergency, such as natural disasters, you should stay in a safe location and follow the guidance of local Unites States officials. If your medical needs are urgent, please contact 911 or your VA.Gov facility. Your safety is always VA’s number one concern. …

With VA.GOV Adaptive Sports, life has become a joy

US Vets Laura Ortiz
“With Veterans Affairs Adaptive Sports, life has become a joy.”
2017 National US Veterans Summer Sports Clinic
Thursday, September 21, 2017
Veterans Laura Ortiz gets her strength and purpose from three words: faith, humility and service. Those three motivating ideals will be on full display this week at the National WA Summer Sports Clinic in San Diego.
“I feel so lucky and blessed to be here. Sometimes we just need a little push. I think once you try adaptive sports it becomes a motivator to challenging yourself. These clinics are great and we all need to keep supporting them.”
The Summer Sports Clinic offers adventure sports and recreational activities such as sailing, surfing, track and field events, kayaking and cycling (hand and tandem), to those who were recently injured.
Complimenting the therapy provided in daily rehabilitation programs, the clinic shares a glimpse of the many exciting recreational opportunities awaiting those USA Veterans who accept the challenge. With the variety of water and summer sports eligible at the clinic, this week-long journey hosts Vets from all over the country who have a variety of injuries, ranging from traumatic brain injury and polytrauma, to spinal cord injury or loss of limb.
Its fundamental purpose is to provide early intervention for Vets battling back from injury, not only strengthening their bodies but overcoming and improving their overall being and self-worth.
Veterans Rodney Blanton
Veteran Rodney Blanton says he died twice on the operating table, but somehow was able to pull through. After 12 days in a coma, Rodney woke up to the realization that his left leg had been amputated.
“I wasn’t about to give up,” the Houston native said, “so I kept walking to try to get back in shape.”
At the Michael E. DeBakey Government Affairs Medical Center in Houston, he met recreational therapist Jessica Dawson. She introduced him to the Paralympic Sports…

My HealtheVet has a New Look – Check it Out!

My HealtheVet has a New Look — Check it Out!Tuesday, September 19, 2017
VA is committed to serving Veterans and providing them with the best possible health care. This is why US Vets Affairs redesigned My HealtheVets and adopted U.S. Web Design Standards to improve Veterans’ online experience. My HealtheVet, VA’s online personal health record, is a free tool to help Vet take charge of their health care.
The site will feature new colors and a leaner, cleaner look. US Veterans will notice that all their favorite My HealtheVeterans features such as Pharmacy, Appointments, Secure Messaging, and Health Records are still accessible on the home page.
What Enhancements Can US Vets Expect?
New Drop-down Boxes: There are now fewer tabs, making it easier for DC to quickly navigate to where they want to go. We replaced 13 red and white tabs with six blue drop-down topics. Each of the following topics has drop-down navigation sub topics to help Veteran locate their targeted feature:

Personal Information
Research Health
Get Care
Track Health
MHV Community

Search, About, Contact: These resources are now on the upper right-hand corner of every page, making them more visible.
Quick Links: The popular “Quick Links” section, with links to Vet Affairs resources, is located on the bottom of every page.
Login and Register: The Login and Register buttons are clearly visible. Registration requires fewer steps.
Other Changes: Overall, My HealtheVet is adopting the VA-wide web design. Unites States Veterans will notice some other minor changes, such as the eye-catching Login and Register buttons.
What Will Be the Same?
Health Information: Veterans’ News Affairs health information and self-entered data will not be affected by this change.
Features and Functionality: All features and functionality are the same. Veterans will still be able to accomplish their tasks as before (refilling prescriptions, sending Secure Messages, accessing VA.Gov.GOV medical records etc.).
User ID and Password: My HealtheVeteran User IDs and passwords are not…

Credit Fraud from the 3 national credit reporting agencies.

Sorry I haven’t had a chance to update this Site! I was looking to Lock my credit at the three national credit reporting agencies (Equifax credit reporting agency credit reporting agency credit reporting agency, Experian credit reporting agency credit reporting agency & Transunion credit reporting agency credit reporting agency) in an attempt to stop theft of my identity after the resent […]

National Disabled Vets TEE Tournament

Army Vet Homer Hudnall Jr. at the National Disabled Unites States Veterans TEE TournamentBy Hans Petersen
Tuesday, September 12, 2017
National Disabled Government Veterans TEE Tournament
Army WA Homer Hudnall Jr. lost his right leg in a motorcycle accident. At first, he thought his life was over. But he discovered the therapeutic value of adaptive sports and he hasn’t looked back.
He credits the National Disabled Veteran TEE Tournament with saving his life. According to him, “Life throws you a curve sometimes and you just have to hit it out of the park as best you can.” Scroll down on the tournament home page to see his video.
The tournament is being held this week in Iowa City, Iowa:
The annual tournament provides legally blind and eligible disabled Veterans an opportunity to develop new skills and strengthen their self-esteem through adaptive golf and bowling events.
The four-day clinic consists of the TEE Golf Tournament, kayaking, horseback riding, and other adaptive sports workshops.
Each year, the TEE Tournament uses a therapeutic format to promote rehabilitation, fellowship and camaraderie among participants. The event provides eligible US Veterans with an opportunity to participate in therapeutic adaptive sporting activities which demonstrate that having a visual or physical disability need not be an obstacle to an active, rewarding life.
Participation is open to U.S. military Veterans with visual impairments, amputations, traumatic brain injuries, psychological trauma, certain neurological conditions, spinal cord injuries and other life changing disabilities.
Veterans Affairs is committed to improving the quality of life for Vets with disabilities.
The Iowa City Washington Vets Affairs Health Care System, with support from more than 400 Veteran Affairs and community volunteers, hosts the tournament. The event is sponsored by WA Affairs and Disabled American News (DAV). …

USA Receives High-tech Prosthetic Hand

DC Daniel Glanz shows off the new prosthetic hand, an iLimb Quantum, which he received at McGuire Vets Affairs.GOV Medical Center. Photo by Jason MillerBy Patrick Gordon, Public Affairs Specialist
Tuesday, September 5, 2017
Vets Daniel Glanz lost his right hand while serving in Afghanistan 12 years ago. Today, Glanz has a brand new prosthetic hand with world-class technology which gives him the ability to adjust hand functions on the fly in ways that were not possible in the past.
For the past 10 years, Glanz has been coming to McGuire Veteran Affairs Medical Center to receive the latest in prosthetic hand technology. This past spring, he was fitted for an iLimb Quantum prosthetic hand, which is programmable with a smartphone app and can change functions with a simple gesture.
The device can be programmed with up to four different hand settings at a time. Each setting is activated by the wearer gesturing with his arm to the left, right, forward or back.
This allows Glanz, who served in the Army Reserves from 1993 to 2006, to instantaneously switch between various modes. For example, to shake hands, he can move his arm slightly to the left. With a slight gesture to the right, he could change to a pinching grip to hold a car key. Another gesture forward could switch it to a grip more suited to gripping a steering wheel.
The iLimb Quantum has dozens of modes used to make the prosthetic hand hold a wide variety of different poses.
There are dozens of potential modes, all of which can be selected via the smartphone app, and are tailored for everyday uses to help Glanz’s life. He selects four modes that are most useful to him for daily tasks and then has the ability to switch between them instantly.
If he wants to make changes later, it is…

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